India has always been mystical to people who don’t know much about it.Also because stories from India project that image.

Stories from Indian mythology and folklore are so full of magic, bravery, mystery and more.


India possesses a large body of heroic ballads and epic poetry preserved in oral tradition, both in Sanskrit and the various vernacular languages of India. One such oral epic, telling the story of Pabujii, has been collected by Dr. John Smith from Rajasthan; it is a long poem in the Rajasthani language, traditionally told by professional story tellers, known as Bhopas, who deliver it in front of a tapestry that depicts the characters of the story, and functions as a portable temple, accompanied by a ravanhattho fiddle. The title character was a historical figure, a Rajput prince, who has been deified in Rajasthan.

Other noteworthy collections of Indian traditional stories include the Panchatantra, a collection of traditional narratives made by Vishnu Sarma in the second century BC. The Hitopadesha of Narayana is a collection of anthropomorphic fabliaux, animal fables, in Sanskrit, compiled in the ninth century.

I grew up reading Amar Chitra katha, Panchatantra tales, Jataka tales, stories of Gautam Buddha along with two epic mythological tales of India, namely Mahabharat & Ramayan. I will post a few tales from these two epics periodically. I was lucky to be staying in a cosmopolitan city with a family who loved to read.

Most of the Panchatantra tales and Jataka tales were based on talking animals.I still read these stories to my son,been doing it since he was a baby, loves it all the same. Hopefully you will like them too.

Phir milenge (will meet again)


Any thoughts....

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