The Monkey and the crocodile.


The monkey and the crocodileLong long ago there lived a monkey on a tree by the side of a big lake. The tree was an mango tree and the fruits it bore were sweet as nectar. Once a crocodile swam ashore,the monkey threw mangoes at him and asked him to taste them. The crocodile started coming everyday ashore to eat the fruits thrown by the monkey and soon they became good friends. The crocodile used to take some fruits home to his wife.

His wife was greedy and asked him as to where he got the delicious mangoes. The crocodile told her about his friend the monkey. His wife wondered how sweet must the monkey’s heart be as he ate those sweet mangoes everyday. She pleaded with her husband that she would like to eat the monkey’s heart. The crocodile was angry and did not agree to deceiving his friend. But she then insisted on not eating anything till he brought her his friend’s heart. Out of desperation, the crocodile agreed.

He went back to the monkey and invited him to his house for supper stating that his wife would be thrilled to meet him. Poor monkey believed the story.There was one problem though.He didnt know how to swim. So the crocodile then offered to carry him on his back and the monkey agreed.

In the middle of the lake, the crocodile started going deeper and deeper. The monkey was frightened and asked the crocodile why he was doing this. The crocodile told him that his wife wanted to eat the monkey’s heart. The monkey was shocked at his friends betrayal but now he had to save himself.He immediately asked the crocodile to take him back to the tree as he told him that he had left his heart back at the tree. The foolish crocodile then swam back to the tree and the terrified monkey jumped from the crocodile’s back and climbed up his tree.Then he told the crocodile that he had also fooled him into believing that he had left his heart on the tree.Also that it was very sad that the crocodile had betrayed him and broken his trust.And never to come back again.

The crocodile was ashamedand went back in the lake to face his angry wife, sad at having lost his friendship.

Story moral: Wit wins over might.


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